As we all know, the days of fossil-fuel powered cars appeare numbered, which will have a massive impact on the performance-car industry. We know that electrification will make cars faster and more efficient, but a concern for many is that it will detract from the passionate experience hearing a soulful internal-combustion engine.

According to the Audi RS5's product manager, Anthony Garbis, its Sport models will soon make use of a mild-hybrid 48 V system. This setup has been in development for four years , reports CarBuzz.

“We will be thrilling you in the near future. Pretty soon. You’re going to be seeing some future RS models with electrification and 48 V will proliferate through the model lines in the future,” Garbis said.

Recently, Audi suggested that it would be scrapping its R8 range once the current generation reaches the end of the lifecycle. Considering this new information, it looks like we could see a drastic change within Audi Sport over the next few years.