Audi has announced the start of series production of a new three-cylinder petrol engine, which will be fitted in various Volkswagen Group products, including the A3 and Volkswagen Golf.

Produced at Audi Hungaria, the 1,0-litre three-cylinder engine will be offered in 63 kW and 85 kW outputs.

The new engine weighs 92 kg and features a “high-performance turbocharger with close-coupled gasoline particulate filter”, which the Ingolstadt-based brand says ensures it is “efficient and environmentally compatible”.

Audi Hungaria modified its assembly line for production of the new three-pot and says employees can now produce four engine variants at the same time on what is “the most flexible engine assembly line in the Audi Group”.

In addition to the new three-cylinder engine, the facility will also produce 1,2-litre, 1,4-litre and 1,5-litre four-cylinder petrol powerplants.

“Our engine production facility adapts flexibly to new trends in the automotive industry,” said Achim Heinfling, chairman of the board of management at Audi Hungaria.

“While establishing alternative drive systems, we are also consistently developing our combustion engines. With the series production of the new three-cylinder engines we are adding another efficient and powerful engine type to our portfolio.”