Honda has whipped the covers off its new Small RS Concept at the Indonesia International Motor Show, perhaps previewing a sporty version of the upcoming second-generation Brio hatchback.

Designed by Honda’s research and development arm in the Asia Pacific, the new show car features a particularly sporty exterior design, seemingly drawing inspiration from the latest Civic Type R.

Indeed, the concept gains an aggressively styled front bumper, along with chunky side-skirts, large alloy wheels and a cheeky rear spoiler. There’s also a rear diffuser, vents behind the front wheels and even a bonnet scoop. No word on what's under that bonnet, though...

“Honda Small RS Concept is the implementation of our endless innovation, emphasising Honda sporty spirit, especially in small car line-ups. As a concept car, this is our vision of what a small sporty car should be,” said Takehiro Watanabe, president director of Honda Prospect Motor.

Interestingly, the RS logo is applied to various Honda models in Indonesia, including the Jazz, Brio and even the Mobilio.

The new Brio hatchback is expected to be revealed later in 2018, running on the same platform as the Brio Amaze sedan unveiled in February.