As some have noticed, the new Mercedes-Benz CLS and Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door are strikingly similar in design and execution. However, according to Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific PR and corporate communications manager, Jerry Stamoulis, these two models attract different buyers.

In an interview with, Stamoulis explained how the brand's recently launched CLS four-door coupe does not overlap with the AMG GT 4-door.

“Where our CLS53 will be the top of the CLS range, the GT 4-door is a much sportier option, where we’ll have a GT63 S doing 0-100km/h in 3,2 seconds and have rear-wheel steer technology similar to an AMG GT-R, so it’s that next level above an E63 again, but with a four-door coupe styling.”

Stramoulis also revealed the majority of CLS buyers are existing Mercedes-Benz owners, whereas the AMG GT 4-door will attract buyers new to the brand.

“A CLS customer tends to come from within our brand. I’m sure it’s one of those vehicles that people want to see and want to drive, or order something that they specifically want. So CLS is similar to the S-Class in that way, where a customer likes to pick the colours, the interior and so on that suits their personality.”