A high-ranking BMW designer says he would have no problem with 4 Series buyers “customising” their vehicles with aftermarket front bumpers and grilles.

When the new G22-generation 4 Series coupé was unwrapped in June 2020, the Munich-based firm conceded the “daring” grille design would prove polarising. Tuners such as Prior Design have since started working on more subtle aftermarket front-end kits with smaller kidney grilles.

Christopher Weil, head of exterior design at BMW, pointed out to CarsGuide.com.au the 4 Series “should be more expressive, more progressive and also more elegant than the 3 Series” with which it shares a platform.

While Weil suggested the 4 Series had won favour among many potential customers after they had seen it in the metal, he added he had no issue with buyers customising the front end of the coupé.

“I like the idea of customising – we see it in the motorcycle world, there’s a lot of customising – and if people think ‘we can tune a car, we can make it different’ or they’re kind of styling the car to their own personality even more, of course they should do it,” he told the Australian publication.

“We have certain offerings at BMW – they are very expressive pieces – or you can even put on aftermarket [parts], and great wheels and stuff like this. But even if people go somewhere else and customise the car, it’s fine with me; I think it’s cool.”

Whether other executives in the Munich-based company – and specifically those in the warranty and aftersales departments – would agree with Weil remains to be seen.

Still, Weil said he believed the controversial 4 Series design had a place since there were “enough cars” in the BMW line-up conceived to “address classical themes or classical beauty”.