Ever wondered what the results would look like were premium automakers to start investing heavily in the camper van segment? Well, the folks over at Compare the Market have created some interesting renders showing just that. Check them out below...

Alfa Romeo Stelvan

Alfa Romeo

The Stelvio-based vehicle pictured here possesses the current generation's front-end with additional creases along its flanks. Those QV-design wheels may have a hard time exploring the wilderness, though...

Rolls-Royce Vantom


Who wouldn’t want to experience a weekend away in this? In true Rolls-Royce style, this Phantom van goes over the top with its extendable staircase, glass canopies, boutique camper chairs and, of course, the obligatory champagne bar. The cabin looks quite spacious as well, with yet more high-end seating.

Tesla Model V


With the design based on the soon-to-arrive Tesla Semi, this imaginary eco-friendly van is a perfect fit for those who want to stay in touch with nature. The electric model boasts large enough proportions to house a stairway leading to the glass roof.



Borrowing styling cues from the now outdated X5, this Bavarian van sports a trailer-style tent. Surely, the brand’s 3,0-litre inline-six turbodiesel would fit the bill here?

Ferrari F12 Vaninetta


Want to get to your camping spot as fast as possible? Ferrari’s V12 supercar dressed as a van might just be the perfect fit. The Scuderia camper van rendered here comes with an extendable roof and some interesting aerodynamic elements along its boxy flanks.

Cadillac CTS-Van


Perfect for the canyons of North America, this rendering looks more natural than the others in this collection. For an added sense of comfort, the Cadillac sports a traditional camper van roof and an extendable tailgate that can be used as a canopy.

Mercedes-Maybach V600


With Mercedes-Benz already having a V-Class in its range, this render isn’t entirely unbelievable. A Maybach camping experience is one that could rival that of the Rolls-Royce above, and comes with a chic two-tone trailer and a glass roof. The design cues seen here, of course, are pulled from the luxury manufacturer’s latest Ultimate Luxury concept.