The 10-speed automatic transmission fitted to the recently released Ford Ranger Raptor is "the best possible fit" for this application, according to those responsible for this project.

From information sourced by, a torque converter-style 'box is more sustainable than a manual option when it comes to coping with the stresses associated with high speed off-road driving. As a result, chief program engineer Damien Ross confirmed that a manual variant is not something we should expect in the future.

“You don’t really want to be messing about with a stick at the same time as you’re doing everything else, Ross told the Australian publication.

“The off-road modes, the fact that you’re driving it a bit faster, the paddle shifters just made for a much more natural fit with the vehicle.”

Ross also explained that the diversity of 10 gears allow for better acceleration and responsiveness.

“With more room to optimise gear spacing, gear progression can be customised for more accurate and faster shifts.”

Ross ensured that once you get behind the wheel of the Ranger Raptor, you won’t be interested in a manual transmission and that manual enthusiasts will understand the implementation of a self-shifter.