Ford says that the Mustang was the best-selling “sports coupé” in the world in 2017, with the Blue Oval brand registering a total of 125 809 units around the globe for the year. But perhaps more interesting to us is exactly how many examples of the ‘Stang have found homes here in South Africa.

Well, according to the Ford Motor Company of SA, some 1 929 units of the Mustang have been sold since local introduction of the model in late 2015 (seemingly including the 171 units sold in the first quarter of 2018).

And in 2017 alone? Well, according to our maths, 898 examples of the Mustang were sold in South Africa last year, representing a monthly average of about 75 units. The Mustang's best month in 2017 was January (128 units) followed by August (101 units).

Of course, the pre-facelift Mustang is still sold here in SA, and unfortunately Ford SA says it is unable to provide us with timing for the local introduction of the updated version, even though some export markets are now starting to receive the refreshed version.

"Demand for Mustang continues to be very strong, especially overseas, where until recently people couldn't get their hands on one," said Erich Merkle, Ford sales analyst.

"Even more encouraging is that the updated 2018 Mustang is just now getting rolled out to export markets."

Ford reported that 81 866 of the nearly 126 000 registrations took place in the United States, meaning that just over one third of all Mustang sales in 2017 came from export markets. The most popular configuration worldwide, according to Ford, is the Mustang GT with its 5,0-litre V8...