BMW has quietly announced that it will update its operating system, giving us an early look at the new digital instrument cluster that will accompany it.

Dubbed the "BMW Operating System 7.0", the new-generation arrangement seems likely to debut in upcoming models such as the X7 and 8 Series.

The Munich-based brand describes its new digital dash as "highly sophisticated", adding that it has been "designed around the user’s individual requirements". As a result, it allows for customisable and personalised layouts.

BMW says the redesigned digital instrument cluster has space to display a section of the navigation map as well as further, individually selectable content. At the same time, it forms what the brand calls a "seamless, uniformly designed display cluster with the Control Display in the centre console" (as previewed by the BMW Concept X7 iPerformance).

The centre console, says BMW, has been "further optimised to deliver intuitive touch operation and visualises content in real time on up to ten freely configurable main menu pages, each containing between two and four pads".

The update isn’t limited to the display alone, though. The new system will also feature 5G for enhanced connectivity and algorithm-based artificial intelligence to support autonomous driving technology. Operating System 7.0 will also allow occupants of the vehicle to manipulate functions via an iDrive Controller, touch control, voice control and gesture control.

Another interesting update includes a "real-time hazard warning system" that activates an emergency signal when the car detects dangers such as fog, heavy rain and aquaplaning, and broken-down vehicles. BMW says it also plans to add more accurate real-time traffic reports and alerts to prompt drivers to move out of the way of emergency vehicles (police cars, ambulances, etc.).