Porsche has revealed the first images of its new 911, releasing three photographs of a camouflaged 992-generation model.

And the images unsurprisingly suggest that the Stuttgart-based brand will again apply subtle, evolutionary changes ? rather than sweeping alterations ? to its iconic sportscar. Expect a full reveal later this year.

Along with the trio of photographs, Porsche released a variety of quotes from August Achleitner, director of the 911 model line, who promised that the new 911 would be "the best 911 of all time?.

?We know where we?re from and where we want to go,? said Achleitner. ?The decisive factor is that the 911 generates a driving feeling that no other car can impart.?

Porsche 911
Achleitner went on to reveal that current automotive industry trends, such as digitalisation, electrification and connectivity, would likely play a role in the 911?s evolution.

?With each innovation, the decisive factor for me is whether it suits the character of the 911. We don?t necessarily have to be the first in this regard with the 911. What?s crucial, rather, is that every innovation be offered in a typical Porsche manifestation.?

He also hinted that customers shouldn?t expect drastic changes in the cabin, particularly in terms of ?digital interfaces?.

?Even where the public might be expecting a bigger ?wow factor?, in the long run a certain aesthetic reserve pays dividends,? he said.

And the chances of electric power for the 992 generation?

?Two years ago, I?d have said no way. Today, I wouldn?t categorically rule it out. I drove the prototype of our coming electric sports car, the Mission E, and it was a very compelling experience. And the performance of the Porsche LMP race cars with hybrid drive systems is quite simply sensational,? Achleitner said, confirming that an electric 911 could be an option ?somewhere down the line?.

Porsche 911