Worried that you’ll one day soon not be able to buy a Porsche sportscar with an internal combustion engine? Well, the Stuttgart-based automaker apparently has an interesting plan to meet increasingly stringent CO2 emissions regulations and keep the combustion engine alive ... and it involves the use of sustainably produced fuels.

According to Motor1.com, Porsche claims the use of petrol and diesel substitutes that don’t use crude oil can make a "significant contribution" to the overall reduction of emissions.

"In the foreseeable future, powertrains featuring combustion engines that operate using sustainably produced fuels will be offered as an optimum solution for sportscars in terms of performance, vehicle weight and range – key considerations from the perspective of Porsche customers," the brand said in a statement.

The report adds that while the use of such fuels would not entirely eliminate tailpipe emissions, they would certainly result in less CO2.

Jörg Kerner, Porsche’s head of powertrain development, went on to suggest that using sustainably sourced fuels in combination with a plug-in hybrid powertrain might be the best overall solution.

"Sustainably produced fuels are a quick way to cut CO2 emissions from a company's existing fleet," Kerner said, according to the publication.

"Future stages of development will produce specially designed engines that can harness the full potential of these fuels in terms of optimised emissions, CO2 and performance.

“In combination with plug-in technology, this will deliver a driving experience typical of Porsche while at the same time ticking every environmental box," he added.