During a recent trip to Maranello in Italy to drive the new Ferrari 812 Superfast, we had the opportunity to visit the factory, as well as the two museums and the company's Classiche department. We even ate in the canteen.

Here are some interesting facts we learned about this company during the visit...

1. Enzo's office was positioned next to the main gate/entrance to the factory, so that he could monitor every car that came and went.

2. Following WWII, the buildings were restored (in 1947).

3. Ferrari has its own wind-tunnel on site, which was finished in 1997. It is used for the development of Formula 1 cars only.

4. In total, approximately 3 000 people (from about 30 different countries) are employed in Maranello by Ferrari.

5. The factory has its own aluminium foundry where the engine blocks are moulded.

6. Each V12 engine is built by one engine builder, and is on a line separate to that of the V8s and V6 Maserati engines. Each V8 and V6 engine, meanwhile, is worked on by more than one employee.

7. V8-engined cars and V12-engined cars have their own assembly lines, and so did the LaFerrari.

8. Each Ferrari engine is tested for 30 minutes when it is finished.

9. Each Ferrari, before it leaves the factory, is put through a 50 km test drive.

10. A new building is currently being built to house the company's designers.

11. Total production for 2017 will be 8 400 units, up from 2016's 8 014 cars. However, demand still outstrips supply.

12. The on-site Ferrari canteen supplies around 2 500 meals a day.

13. The Classiche department is on also on site, close to the main gate, and was officially opened in 2006.

14. The "main gate" is still used, although most traffic now enters via other, larger entrances.

15. One engineer pointed to the fact that the replacement for the 812 might be all-wheel drive, owing to the level of power these cars are now making. Whether it will be full-time or switchable four-wheel drive remains to be seen...