Sadly the niche French manufacturer, Citroen, has decided to call it a day in the South African market. To find out more about this sad but expected exit, we got in touch with Peugeot Citroen SA and this is what we found out...

1. What will happen to the remaining units currently in showrooms?

Although importing new models has come to an end, Citroen will be dedicated to selling all remaining units within its showrooms. Since its inception into the market almost in 2001 the brand has managed to sell 15 000 cars. PCSA says it recognises its obligation to look after the clientele that remains.

2. Citroen models on the road will be serviced at Peugeot dealerships.

All Citroen models currently on the road will retain the five-year/100 000 km service plan (four-year/60 000 km for the DS3). Seeing as the dealer network incorporates both Peugeot and Citroen, customers will retain full after sales services at the remaining Peugeot centres.

3. Employees are going to be okay.

Seeing as PCSA operate as one network, it is unlikely that any retrenchments will occur. Staff members will continue in their normal roles as both brands from a staff perspective were conjoined quite some time ago.

4. Focus is now going to be placed on Peugeot

Both Peugeot and Citroen have suffered from poor sales, especially over the past year. PCSA is now taking this decision as somewhat of a relaunch for 2017 with a strategy that hopes to keep itself within the PSA core values.

Considering this, three new products will be launched next year, two of which are confirmed to be SUVs. The SUVs in question are the 2008 facelift and 3008 which will arrive in March and May respectively. The third model is the nine-seater Traveller van which will arrive in September.

Following this, the brand will guarantee a new model every year from 2018, onward.