A high-ranking official at the PSA Group’s DS brand has confirmed the French company will jointly develop future models with both Alfa Romeo and Lancia under the Stellantis umbrella.

Marion David, who holds the role of product director at DS, confirmed the plans to Automotive News Europe, suggesting the first co-developed products could hit the road by 2024.

“We are working with our Italian colleagues on specific premium modules, powertrains and features to differentiate the premium brands from the mainstream brands,” David said during the reveal of the new DS4.

As the report points out, Alfa Romeo, DS (formly a sub-brand of Citroën) and Lancia are listed as “premium brands” on the new Stellantis organisation chart.

David also told the publication DS models already in the pipeline would still be launched.

"The cars that are already a work in progress will continue and be launched and then for the next generation we are focused on making the synergies that are the reason for the merger,” she said.

Stellantis was officially created at the start of 2021, based on talks between the PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles stretching back to 2019.