Audi’s technical chief admits that the German brand is considering creating an extra-long version of the A8 to rival certain luxury models from Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes, of course, boasts an S-Class line-up comprising as many as six variants, including the extra-length Maybach derivative.

According to Auto Express, Audi’s technical boss Dr Stefan Knirsch is mulling the possibility of building a super-luxurious stretched Audi A8 (even longer than the current long-wheelbase model) to take the fight to the Stuttgart automaker’s poshest products.

“We are thinking about it. The success of the extra-long version of the S-Class has got us wondering about whether there could be a business case for that in the future,” Knirsch told Auto Express.

Interestingly, Audi recently took the wraps off a one-off six-door A8 measuring a whopping 6,36 metres in length, commissioned by a customer with plenty of sway.