Three years ago, a small crowdfunded company called Candyland released a line of retro wooden toy cars. The brand's motto states that its products are “modernist design flair and roadside car culture, fused and distilled in wood toy form.” which, for anyone who appreciates toy cars, sounds like perfection.

The first run consisted of 12 cars including woodie wagon, police cruiser and bandit racer. Now there are three more additions to continue the imagery of the mid-century American automotive era. The Ace (muscle car), Pioneer (a land boat wagon) and Blackjack (Nascar) all join the retro fleet along with a Lone Cactus Motel prop assembled through wooden stacks.

The models aren't available in South Africa seeing that they're a small time company based in the US but if these toys suit your fancy then perhaps a plan can be made. You can contact Candylab right over here.