Jaguar has announced it plans to transform into a “pure electric luxury brand” by 2025, with all combustion-engined vehicles (yes, including those using the supercharged 5,0-litre V8) falling away.

In a statement, Jaguar Land Rover said it would “reimagine the future of modern luxury” with its two brands.

While the futures of both the Jaguar and Land Rover marques will feature some form of electrification, their vehicles will be built on “separate architectures with two clear, unique personalities”.

By 2025, the firm says Jaguar will have “undergone a renaissance” to emerge as a “pure electric luxury brand with a dramatically beautiful new portfolio of emotionally engaging designs and pioneering next-generation technologies”. The I-Pace is currently the only fully electric vehicle in Jaguar's range.

Interestingly, the company said the planned Jaguar XJ replacement would “not form part of the line-up” (though the nameplate “may be retained”) as the brand “looks to realise its unique potential”.

In the next five years, Land Rover is set to gain six pure electric variants, with the first set to arrive in 2024.

According to the statement, Jaguar and Land Rover will offer “pure electric power, nameplate by nameplate, by 2030”. By this time, in addition to 100 percent of Jaguar sales, the company says it anticipates “around 60 percent” of Land Rover models sold will be equipped with fully electric powertrains.

Jaguar Land Rover furthermore reveals its aim is to “achieve net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain, products and operations by 2039”.