Large electric SUV on the cards for Porsche 2030 target

By: Alex Shahini

Porsche intends on introducing a large electric SUV into their portfolio within the next few years with assembly earmarked for the Leipzig plant in Germany. With this news, it seems the German automaker is all on track to reach its zero-emissions goal by the end of the decade.  

Large electric SUV

In accordance with Porsche’s goal of having EVs account for more than 80% of annual sales by 2030, much of the automaker’s portfolio will undergo transformation to satisfy zero-emissions regulations or new models will be introduced. This story is about the latter since the premium German automaker intends on launching a large electric SUV which will complement the Macan EV and 718 EV which are also on the cards for Porsche. 

CEO Oliver Blume announced this news at Porsche’s Capital Markets Day at Porsche’s R&D centre in Weissach. He stated: “We plan to add a new luxury, all-electric SUV model to our attractive portfolio.” The newcomer will also be assembled at the Leipzig plant in Germany with the model expected to share the PPE (premium platform electric) platform that Porsche and Audi have co-developed. The first two vehicles to be underpinned by this architecture will arrive in 2023 in the form of the Macan EV and Q6 E-Tron.

Blume further added: “This will further expand our position in the luxury automotive segment. We are targeting the higher margin segments in particular and aim to tap into new sales opportunities in this way.” This isn’t new news in the automotive world since Mercedes-Benz plans on ditching their more affordable models and focusing on high margin offerings. 

Details on the large electric SUV from Porsche are still scarce but knowing how the pumped up segment of vehicles financially aid automakers, we can expect it to lead Porsches sales charts alongside the Macan and Cayenne.

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