The one millionth Porsche Cayenne has been assembled for a German customer at the Leipzig production plant. 18 years ago, Porsche began production of the first generation Cayenne SUV which was sold alongside the 996 911 and 986 Boxster. By contrast, Porsche’s halo model, the 911, only reached its millionth sales mark after 54 years of production.

The reason for the brand’s entry into the SUV market was to compensate for an economic low point during the late 1980s. The aforementioned Boxster helped alleviate the brand’s financial woes when it was introduced in 1996 but its sales were not enough to sustain operations through the 21st century. Thus, the decision to create a dynamic but practical option was made. This was launched with the “Colorado” project in conjunction with Volkswagen.

Four years after its announcement, the first generation Cayenne started rolling of Porsche’s new plant in Leipzig. Putting this together was a considerable risk for the company as the financial investments were notable. Thankfully, the risk paid off as the Cayenne was an immediate success which, in turn, further strengthened its collaboration with Volkswagen.

When asked about the future, former Vice President of Porsche’s SUV line, Hans-Jürgen Wöhler says “Cars will change in the next 10 years. The Cayenne will continue its journey and will continue to be the best SUV in its segment.”