We’ve managed to get our hands on double-cab bakkie sales statistics for October 2020, which allows us to see which model is winning the sales race in South Africa after the first ten months of the year.

While Naamsa no longer releases individual model sales figures to the public (though we did manage to unearth the broader bakkie stats for October 2020), a record of sales by body style is indeed kept. Thanks to our studious friends over at Lightstone Auto, we’re able to shed some light on the matter.

According to Lightstone Auto, the Toyota Hilux is still leading the double-cab pack in 2020 so far, with 12 576 units registered. Ford’s Ranger, however, has cut the Hilux’s lead to 1 291 units, with 11 285 double-cab units sold year to date. Isuzu’s D-Max (including a handful of KB-badged examples sold before the switch to the aforementioned moniker) completes the podium after the first ten months of 2020 with 4 255 units.

For the record, in the month of October 2020, the Ranger managed 1 779 double-cab units, pushing ahead of the Hilux (553), with Toyota SA saying sales were “hampered by unforeseeable delays in the local production cycle”. The D-Max was next on 482 units for the month.

Interestingly, the single-cab race after the first ten months of the year is also led by the Hilux (8 320), which is still some way ahead of the D-Max/KB (5 285), Ranger (2 114) and Mahindra Pik Up (1 793).

Earlier in 2020, Toyota SA Motors said its Hilux grabbed back the double-cab bakkie sales crown in 2019, claiming a 33 percent share of the segment. According to Toyota, as many as 18 712 double-cab versions of its Hilux were registered locally in 2019, representing a three percent year-on-year increase. Ford was a mere 349 units behind.