There's plenty happening over at Jaguar Land Rover, if the latest reports are to be believed. First, rumours emerged that the British automaker is planning to expand its range with a new Road Rover model line. And now a fresh report suggests the brand is keen to purchase another luxury automaker.

According to Automotive News, Jaguar Land Rover is "scouting for acquisitions of international automakers". Of course, since the Coventry-based manufacturer is itself owned by the Tata Group, any purchase will likely involve some sort of financial support from the Indian giant.

The report suggests that Jaguar Land Rover is aiming to diversify its range of vehicles with the purchase, adding that the automaker is considering luxury brands that "fit with its current portfolio".

In addition, Automotive News says the British manufacturer may acquire a technology company that would support its bid to expand its electric vehicle range.

So, which brands are likely to pique Jaguar Land Rover’s interest? Well, the report speculates that the Fiat Chrysler group's apparent willingness to spin off its Maserati and Alfa Romeo brands could make them potential targets.

The report also points out that rumours the Volkswagen Group is considering selling off its Italian motorcycle brand, Ducati, have recently regained momentum.

According to AutoExpress, a source at Jaguar Land Rover has since denied the rumours.