Honda’s engineers have recently celebrated the opening of a new R&D facility in Silicon Valley with a series of photos posted to their Twitter account and there appears to be something rather interesting in the background – what looks like the company’s baby NSX sportscar.

The picture shows a Honda engineer donning a pair of space-age boots and what looks like a micronized version of the Honda NSX, decked out in gunmetal grey with a fetching orange air intake finisher, nestled quietly in the corner of the workshop.

Although the Tweet is not exactly concrete evidence of the baby NSX getting the development green light, reports suggesting that Honda is looking to add a compact sportscar to its stable have been doing the rounds for a couple of years.

The possibility exists that Honda could utilise components from the larger NSX in a bid to trim development costs – possibly foregoing the supercar’s hybrid powertrain for a simpler petrol engine setup.

Rumours suggest that the, Mercedes SLK/Audi TT rivalling baby NSX could feature the company’s SH-AWD all-wheel drivetrain, possibly coupled with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.