Jaguar Land Rover has filed an application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office to trademark the "C-Pace" badge, leading to speculation that a new crossover is on the way.

The folks over at AutoGuide uncovered the latest application, which was filed on 9 July 2018 under a number of classifications.

The news suggests that the Whitley-based automaker has plans to add a fresh model to its burgeoning crossover range, which already includes the entry-level E-Pace, the larger F-Pace and the electric I-Pace, with a new flagship J-Pace all but confirmed.

Where would the C-Pace fit into this crossover family? Well, reports from back in 2016 suggested that the badge could be applied to what would essentially be a coupé version of the F-Pace, competing against the likes of the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé.

Of course, we must emphasise that an automaker trademarking a badge by no means guarantees that said badge will find its way onto the rump of a production model. Sometimes, the brand in question simply wants to stop rivals from snapping up potential nameplates…