Jaguar design director Ian Callum has hinted that he is interested in building a four-door F-Type.

“The notion of four doors is interesting because the idea of a four-door coupé came out originally with Jaguars, and then Mercedes-Benz latched on to the CLS and created this genre of car, which really rightfully was Jaguar’s,” Callum said, according to CarAdvice.

“So that’s our rightful place in some ways – the four-door sportscar,” he added.

Callum explained that a four-door layout would not work for every sportscar.

“The four-door aspect of a sportscar makes a lot of sense. Not for every sportscar, don’t get me wrong, but the reason for two doors is for more structure out of the car,” he told the Australian publication.

“Therefore, four doors … and now, with modern technology, that sort of stuff doesn’t really matter any more. We can engineer a car to have structure with four doors, or even pillar-less doors these days.”

“So the notion of what probably originated as a two-door car isn’t relevant any more, if you can put four seats in it. There’s definitely a trend towards ‘four-seater being four doors’,” said Callum.