Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali says that the Italian brand plans to offer a fourth model line, but only once it has “stabilised” fresh growth sparked by the new Urus.

Currently, the automaker builds the V12-powered Aventador, the V10-engined Huracán and the new V8-powered Urus. But Domenicali told that Lamborghini had to be cautious with its growth as it pushed towards its long-term annual sales target of 10 000 units.

“I think that first of all we need to consider where we were a couple of years ago. We were selling 1 000 cars. is a big step. We’re going to do another step , so we need to be prudent,” Domenicali said.

“For sure, as soon as we have stabilised the growth, in a very methodical way, what we can see is that we’re going to think of introducing another model … but in the second part – 2025 to 2030 – in that range. Not before. It would be wrong,” he told the Australian publication.

So, where will this fourth model be positioned? Well, Domenicali says plans have yet to be finalised, adding that the newcomer could feature at either the top or bottom of the line-up.

“Still under discussion. We see a lot of competitors attacking for the lower side of it. But we still have the time to discuss. And to make sure that we are once again different from the others,” he said.