Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali was guarded when asked about the possibility of a high-performance Urus Performante being added to the Italian automaker’s line-up.

Speaking to at the official opening of the new Lamborghini Cape Town showroom (and the local unveiling of the Urus), Domenicali said that it would be “premature” to talk about creating a Performante-badged version of the SUV.

“Let’s see. We just started to launch the first Urus and we already ideas of the car, but it too premature to say that,” Domenicali told us.

“It’s not even in the market. We have a plan that is common with our strategy; we launch new models at the proper time in the market, therefore it’s too premature to say that,” he reiterated.

An Urus Performante would, of course, boast more power and less weight than the standard (for lack of a better term) 478 kW/2 200 kg Urus, while also benefitting from additional chassis tuning.

Domenicali went on to confirm that a hybrid version of the Urus was “already something that we’re going to do”.

“But not before a couple of years, because that would be wrong as an introduction … and, of course, the right moment will be decided by the market.

“If the Urus will stay strong, why will we need to put another model in? It will not be correct for the customer because they’ve invested in the product. Our duty is to make sure that the investment is not diluted by introducing too other models. Yes, it will happen at a proper time,” he said.