Back in September 2017, the CEO of the BMW M division seemingly confirmed that the legendary CSL badge would soon be revived. But since then, little has been said, and supposed plans to build an M2 CSL have been scrapped. Now, however, a spokesperson for the Munich-based brand has reiterated that the hallowed nameplate is "still alive".

Speaking to The Drive, the unnamed spokesperson confirmed that the "CSL" badge would effectively replace the GTS name applied to the most hardcore versions of the M division's high-performance wares.

"CSL is still alive, and replaces GTS on further cars which are appropriate to get a CSL version – generally speaking," the spokesperson told The Drive.

Using the 4 Series as an example, this would result in a performance hierarchy starting with the standard M4, progressing to the M4 Competition Package, then the M4 CS and finally the M4 CSL (essentially replacing the GTS).

The BMW spokesperson added that not every model range would receive this sort of treatment.

"This hierarchy won't automatically come with every model, just where it makes sense. For example, there won't ever be an X5 M CSL."

The report further speculated that the CSL badge would return first on the M2 (positioned above the new M2 Competition) and then the upcoming M8.