A fresh report out of the United States suggests that Mazda is preparing to offer its CX-5 with a turbocharged petrol engine.

Currently, the Japanese crossover’s engine line-up includes a pair of naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol units (in South Africa, the 2,0-litre generates 121 kW and the 2,5-litre makes 143 kW) and a single 2,2-litre turbodiesel.

But, according to a certification document from the California Air Resources Board uncovered by the folks over at The Truth About Cars, the brand has started testing a CX-5 fitted with the turbocharged 2,5-litre petrol mill that is employed by the CX-9 offered in some markets.

In the CX-9 in Australia, this forced induction 2,5-litre is worth 170 kW and 420 N.m, and is mated to a six-speed torque converter automatic transmission as standard.

Interestingly, the refreshed version of the Mazda6 revealed late in 2017 also gained the 2,5-litre Skyactiv-G turbocharged petrol unit, in this case tuned to deliver 186 kW and 420 N.m.