This isn't your typical family crossover, is it? No, the Karlmann King you see pictured here is billed as the world’s most expensive SUV, priced at a whopping $2-million (or around R24-million).

Based on a Ford F-550, the, er, "bravely styled" King was designed by a Chinese company but is assembled in Europe.

Measuring a whopping 5 990 mm long with a wheelbase of 3 691 mm, the Karlmann King tips the scales at 4 500 kg in basic guise and a hefty 6 000 kg in bulletproof form.

Power comes from Ford’s 6,8-litre V10 petrol engine, which sends its (unspecified, but likely hiked from standard) oomph to all four corners via a six-speed automatic transmission. Interestingly, all that money doesn’t buy you speed, with the King topping out at just 140 km/h. We're guessing that's down to its general tubbiness.

Inside, you’ll find separate air-conditioning systems for the front and rear quarters, a coffee machine, private safes, a PlayStation4 system, a fridge and televisions. Air suspension comes standard.

Watch the official video below...