Mercedes-Benz says its updated Mercedes-AMG GT63 S has reclaimed the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap record for “luxury class” vehicles.

According to the German firm, the GT63 S 4Matic+ benefits from “newly tuned elastokinematics and other fine-tuning measures”, allowing AMG development engineer Demian Schaffert to set a new record time.

Schaffert beat his 2018 lap record by some 2,3 seconds, taking 7:23,009 minutes for the 20,6 km version (without straight-line measurement for track section T13) and 7:27,800 minutes for the 20,832 km complete track (including straight-line measurement for track section T13).

In August 2020, Porsche said its new Panamera Turbo S had set a lap record at the ‘Ring for executive cars, covering the Nordschleife over a distance of 20,832 km in 7:29,81 minutes and grabbing AMG's earlier record.

“Even though I’ve been accompanying our GT63 through its development for several years now, it’s always impressive to see the wide spread we have been able to achieve with this exclusive vehicle. This is especially true after the recent slight revision,” said Schaffert.

“On the one hand, the four-door coupé is comfortable and equipped with many intelligent safety features for everyday driving, and on the other hand it offers this extremely high level of driving dynamics and precision, which we have now been able to demonstrate once again on the demanding Nordschleife,” he added.

As a reminder, the GT63 S 4Matic+ employs a twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8 generating 470 kW and 900 N.m. The new Panamera Turbo S, meanwhile, makes use of an engine of the same capacity and configuration but worth 463 kW and 820 N.m.

Watch Mercedes-AMG’s latest lap record below…