Sorry, lovers of large displacement engines: another V12 looks set to bite the dust. And soon. According to a fresh report out of Europe, production of the Mercedes-AMG SL65 is expected to cease as early as May 2018.

Mercedes-Benz Passion reports that the German brand’s Bremen factory will stop building the SL65 roadster soon, with the chances of the next-generation SL featuring Affalterbach's twin-turbo 6,0-litre V12 looking exceedingly thin.

This 12-cylinder unit, which in the SL65 makes 463 kW and a whopping 1 000 N.m, is seemingly slowly being phased out of the automaker’s line-up, with the G65 having been similarly scrapped with the switch over to the new G-Class.

Ultimately, reports suggest, the V12 will be used in Mercedes-Maybach products only.

In South Africa, the rear-wheel-drive Mercedes-AMG SL65 is priced at R3 295 926, and sprints from standstill to three figures in a claimed 4,0 seconds.