Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler has reportedly filed to register as many as 14 potential new badges for the X-Class range in Australia, including four seemingly set aside to sit in the Mercedes-AMG portfolio.

According to GoAuto, Daimler is seeking to secure trademarks for the 14 badges, even if it won’t actually end up using them all (as is sometimes the case) in this generation.

Despite the Stuttgart-based automaker again recently denying plans to slap the AMG badge on its double-cab bakkie, Daimler has intriguingly applied to register the X43, X45, X65 and X66 monikers Down Under.

Other interesting pending trademark applications include the badges X220, X230, X250, X260 and X550, all likely pointing to possible future additions to the petrol powertrain line-up.

Furthermore, the Australian publication reports that applications to trademark the X220e, X350e, X400e and X450e badges could cover possible plug-in hybrid variants, while “EQX” could end up being used on an all-electric version of the pick-up.

Of course, we must emphasise that an automaker trademarking a badge by no means guarantees that said badge will find its way onto the rump of a production model. Sometimes, the brand in question just wants to stop rivals from snapping up potential nameplates...