Buried deep within an 11 033-word press document on design (complete with 108 images), Mercedes-Benz has revealed a few details and teaser sketches of the next-generation GLE's screen-heavy cabin.

Like the new A-Class, the Stuttgart-based automaker says the upcoming GLE will employ “a free-standing cockpit display that seems to be floating” as well as the latest MBUX infotainment system. And, as in the A-Class, two displays combine to create a widescreen effect, although rumour has it that they will each measure as large as 12,3 inches in the GLE.

The brand says “a sporty focus on the driver” is emphasised by the lower body, with a deep-set wrap-around effect complete with wooden trim. The central air vents have furthermore been redesigned, each in a square shape, arranged in a similar manner to those in the latest E- and S-Class models.

Benz says the next-generation GLE’s high-sited centre console features two handles to “symbolise the playful aspect of the off-road experience”, along with “ambient lighting like never before”.

Expect the new GLE to be unveiled before the end of 2018, primed and ready to take on the similarly redesigned (fourth-generation) BMW X5, with a fresh version of the GLE Coupé to follow at a later stage...
Next-generation GLE cabin