A fresh report out of Germany suggests that Audi plans to kill off both the A5 Cabriolet and the TT Roadster, replacing them with a single model expected to revive the A4 Cabriolet moniker.

As AutoBild points out, the soft-top versions of both the A5 and TT haven’t exactly set the sales charts alight. The apparent solution? The conception of a new A4 Cabriolet, running on the MQB (transverse engine) platform and thus potentially significantly undercutting its rivals in terms of price.

Yes, the report says the use of MQB underpinnings – rather than the longitudinal engine platform employed by the A5 – will bring cost savings but still allow the Ingolstadt-based automaker to offer a convertible similar in size to the key competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet and BMW 4 Series Convertible.

If this rumour turns out to be true, when can we expect the switch? Well, the report suggests that despite wearing the A4 badge, the proposed new open-top model will share much with the next-generation A3, which is expected to arrive in 2019.

While the A5 Cabriolet has been on the South African market since mid-2017, the roadster version of the third-generation TT has yet to make it to local shores.