New Mercedes-Maybach GLS won’t pilfer S-Class sales, insists exec…

A high-ranking Mercedes-Maybach executive insists the new GLS600 won’t cannibalise sales from the S-Class sedan, saying the firm sees the new SUV as a “supplementary offer”.

Martin Hülder, head of product management at Mercedes-Maybach, said the SUV’s arrival would not come at the expense of the automaker’s flagship saloon.

“We are convinced that there will tend to be a distinction in demand rather than a substitution. The differences in design and vehicle concept are simply too great for that. We therefore see the SUV as a supplementary offer,” Hülder said in an interview included in the brand’s media material.

“Our customers normally own several different vehicles – and if they drive an SUV, we want them to drive a Mercedes-Maybach that offers them the luxury they expect from the brand,” he added.

Hülder went on to say the Mercedes-Maybach was “also aiming at customers who already drive an SUV”.

“The different entry and the different seating position are experiences they want to retain. The worldwide success of SUVs has changed the standards and habits of car buyers,” he explained.

As a reminder, the GLS600 4Matic – which is offered in four- and five-seat forms – is powered by a version of the firm’s familiar twin-turbo 4,0-litre V8 offering 410 kW and 730 N.m. It drives all four wheels via a nine-speed automatic transmission and is combined with the brand’s 48 V system, which allows 16 kW and 250 N.m to be briefly added to the mix.

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