Nissan's luxury car division recently revealed the QX80 Monograph concept as a hint towards what the next generation QX80 might look like. Recent reports, however, suggest that the redesign will be purely visual.

While the new "more fluid" design has been widely welcomed, according to Motor Trend the new model (set for an official reveal by the end of this year) will continue to ride on the same body-on-frame platform from the Nissan Patrol.

This means that despite the new lines, the QX80, while still weighing well over three tonnes, will likely be powered by the same naturally-aspirated VK56VD 5,6-litre V8 producing 298 kW and 560 N.m of torque to all four wheels. Enough to accelerate this titan from 0-100 km/h in 7,5 seconds.

Being "only" Euro 3 compliant, this V8 can be rather thirsty and Infiniti claims a combined fuel consumption figure of 14,8 L/100 km with 350 g/km of emissions.

President of Infiniti, Roland Krueger, however, has also hinted at a potential new powertrain option, which could make the QX80 somewhat more competitive against other seven-seater SUVs in this segment.

While local sales of the R1,44-million QX80 have been slow, close to 6 700 units have nevertheless been sold in international markets this year alone; a 7% increase from last year.