Agile Automotive is a Danish boutique automotive manufacturer that takes a lightweight, track-focused approach to building cars. And that’s why many are considering its latest design, the SC122, as a direct competitor to the Lotus Exige.

The sleek Agile Automotive SC122 will make use of a carbon-fibre chassis and body. Well, if it makes it to production, that is (the accompanying images, you'll have noticed, are merely renders). A few accessories will also be composed of the lightweight material, courtesy of House of Composites. Agile Automotive boasts that the carbon-fibre used on the SC112 is too stiff for Formula 1 cars.

Agile Automotive hopes to offer the SC122 in two variants (both using the lightweight carbon-fibre platform): a road-legal sportscar and a track-only model. The automaker also plans a lengthy list of options to allow customers to make each model unique.

In order to take care of reliability, the company wants to make use of a supercharged version of Toyota's 3,5-litre V6, mounted in the middle. The planned output is as high as 317 kW, sent to the rear wheels though a five-speed manual or seven-speed sequential gearbox.

Agile Automotive claims that the SC122 will weigh in at about 850 kg, lending it quite an impressive power-to-weight ratio. The track-specific SC122, meanwhile, will likely be offered with a variety of wings, splitters and canards.

Customers who don't want the full power output will have the option of a standard, naturally aspirated V6.

There's no word yet on when the Agile Automotive SC122 will be made available, but apparently the boutique manufacturer is already taking orders via its website. Of course, we'd advise waiting for an official reveal before putting your money down…