Initially revealed as the AM-RB 001, Aston Martin and Red Bull have been working together to develop one of the most hardcore hypercars of our time. Now titled, Valkyrie, the British manufacturer has revealed some images highlighting modifications it has made to the near-final design.

Although the design remains more or less unaltered, a closer look reveals adjustments to the car's aerodynamic, particularly around the rear. Here, a new wing and rather prominent diffuser accompany a redesigned set of taillamps and exhaust pipes. There's also a new and rather interesting carbon fibre wheel design.

Also, for the first time we finally get our first glimpse of the Valkyrie's interior. The cabin of the hypercar features two snug seat mouldings embedded within the tub. The driver's seat will be formed around the owner's body shape and will feature a standard four- or optional six-point harness.

The Valkyrie also has a detachable, racing-inspired, Alcantara steering wheel and OLED information display screen. Two monitors mounted within the cabin display rear facing cameras which act as side mirrors.

With these changes implemented, Aston Martin Creative Director of Exterior Design, Miles Nurnberger says that the Valkyrie's design is 95% complete. Any changes from this point onward are likely to be purely aerodynamic.