BMW has reached into its extensive M Performance Parts kitty, grabbed a handful of tasty accessories and thrown them at the three newest additions to the Munich-based brand’s X family: the X2, X3 and X4.

One of the first items you’ll likely notice are the M Performance side-mirror caps, which are made from carbon-fibre. BMW says these items are “crafted elaborately by hand” from carbon-fibre reinforced-plastic and finished with a high-gloss polish.

Then there are the obligatory “M Performance” decals, with the side lettering in Frozen Black. In addition, BMW says the appearance of the X3 and X4 can be further enhanced with front lettering in high-gloss black, matching the other front attachment parts for these two models. An M Performance front grille in high-gloss black, meanwhile, is also available for the X2.

BMW says it has also added a number of new alloy wheel designs to its M Performance parts catalogue. The 20-inch 717 M wheels, for instance, will be available for the X2 in a matte black finish. And 19-inch M Performance light alloys (698 M) in Orbit Grey will be offered for the X3 and X4 siblings. Two-tone 21-inch forged wheels (701 M) are the largest on the list for the X3 and X4, weighing some 2 kg less than a similarly designed cast wheel in the same format.

Inside, buyers can specify M Performance floor mats (made of velour velvet with a leather-look surround and contrasting decorative seams) and an M Performance steering wheel with specially lined grip areas trimmed in Alcantara. The upper and lower parts of the tiller are covered in leather, while a red motorsports marking and silver-grey cross-stitch seam are also present.

For the X3 and X4, shift paddles are available in high-gloss carbon-fibre, with “plus” and “minus” symbols in anodised red. Lastly, LED door projectors replace the standard entry light and project a graphic onto the ground when the door is opened. The selection of available motifs include the BMW M logo and various items from an M Performance slide set.

BMW X2, X3 and X4 with M Performance parts