Customers who have ordered the all new Ford GT are yet to receive their deliveries but already there is a heritage model to pay a special tribute to the 50th anniversary of the historic 1-2-3 win the GT40 achieved in the 1966 Le Mans. The special edition includes new detailing to the interior and exterior. According to Ford's chief technical officer, Raj Nair, a tribute model for the GT was always part of the plan.

The Ford GT '66 Heritage Edition is coloured with a Shadow Black paintjob in either gloss or matte finish according to the customer's request with silver stripes and an exposed carbon fiber package. Accenting is provided by the Frozen White #2 hood and door graphics and 20-inch one-piece forged aluminium wheels in a gold satin clearcoat with black lug nuts. This is to mimic the Le Mans winning GT40 from 1966.

Inside, drivers are greeted by a carbon fiber leather seats wrapped in ebony leather with pillowed inserts and plow-through stitching. The head restraints and steering wheel also sport the Ford GT logo. The steering wheel is also covered in leather with blue stitching to mimic the racecar. To confirm this as a limited edition model, a unique serialized identification plate is attached to the car.

There are no performance upgrades so the model will retail the turbocharged 3,5-litre V6 delivering 450 kW to the rear wheels.