If this new concept is anything to go by, the future of Hyundai design will be low and sleek. The Hyundai Le Fil Rouge Concept, which took to the stage at the Geneva International Motor Show, provides a glimpse of the Korean automaker's future design direction.

Hyundai says the Le Fil Rouge (which in English means "common thread") concept is a reinterpretation of the brand’s design DNA that dates back to 1974. Hyundai claims that the new design language features four fundamental elements: proportion, architecture, styling and technology.

The automaker says the Le Fil Rouge's design is based on the so-called "golden ratio", a mathematical ratio that is commonly found in nature. The result is a car that possesses a long wheelbase, large wheels and short overhangs. There's also a generous distance between the front axle and the base of the windshield, which allows for a spacious driving position.

When it comes to architecture, a new "light" arrangement has been implemented. Cues such as blended pillars and flowing lines are strongly displayed. This continues in the cabin, where both the driver and front passenger are promised maximum comfort for long-distance trips.

As far as styling is concerned, Hyundai says one of the main goals for the Le Fil Rouge was a look that was instantly recognisable as a Hyundai. The body uses a series of concave and convex forms throughout to give it a sleek appearance, while a fresh interpretation of the signature cascading grille features three-dimensional parametric jewels.

And technology? Well, the concept boasts aircraft-style ventilation that blows air over the curved surfaces of the cabin’s architecture. The cabin itself features revitalised wood and high-tech fabrics alongside a panoramic floating display with haptic input technology for the climate control and infotainment system.