Infiniti recently teased a peculiar retro concept that draws inspiration from classic Formula 1 racecars. Now the vehicle been officially revealed as the Prototype 9 Concept, with Nissan and Infiniti saying it represents “ingenuity, artistry and craftsmanship”.

What would an open-wheel racer from Infiniti would look like if it were competing in the 1940s? Well, this design answers that question, making use of aeronautically inspired bodywork composed of bare sheet metal. All of this sits on a steel ladder frame chassis.

Despite being a classical design, the Prototype 9 Concept features some modern Infiniti styling cues, such as the double-arch grille, shark-gills embedded behind the front wheels and the single-crease bonnet.

The cockpit takes a similar approach and features black leather upholstery with contrast red stitching. There's also a Japanese flag stitched into the headrest of the bucket seat. The gauge cluster, which is mounted to the steering wheel, is made of aluminium and is inspired by aircraft design.

And the powertrain? Well, it's not exactly as retro as the design suggests, because the Prototype 9 is in fact a 30 kWh high-voltage battery powered electric vehicle. This setup sends 120 kW and 320 N.m of torque to the rear wheels, which the automaker says results in a 0-100 km/h time of 5,5 seconds and a top speed of 170 km/h. The battery is said to last 20 minutes under heavy track use.