Lexus Reveals LF-ZC and LF-ZL BEV Concepts

By: Ryan De Villiers

Lexus has unveiled two electric vehicle concepts at the Japan Mobility Show, dubbed the LF-ZC and LF-ZL, underpinned by the firm’s next-generation electric mobility technology.

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Image: Lexus

“Pushing the Boundaries of the Electrified Experience”

Lexus intends to transform into an all-electric brand by 2035 and wishes to carry over its signature sense of luxury into its electrified automotive offerings founded on a new vehicle architecture. At the forefront of its combustion-less people carriers is the LF-ZC (short for Lexus Future Zero-emission Catalyst) and the LF-ZL (also short for Lexus Future Zero-emission Luxury).

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The LF-ZC is already slated for production in 2026 and will “embody both functionality and beauty without any compromise”. The firm describes its electrified four-door as a car bearing a sleek and refined design. The LF-ZC (and all future Lexus BEVs) will be founded on a modular vehicle platform.

In terms of size, the LF-ZC is 4 750 mm long, 1 880 mm wide, 1 390 mm tall and sits on a 2 890 mm wheelbase. For comparison, the Lexus ES (a four-door sedan in the firm’s local road-going fleet) measures slightly larger than the LF-ZC, but the Lexus concept has a lower ride height and slightly longer wheelbase. The LF-Zl is the larger offering with a form factor measuring 5 300 mm long, 2 020 mm wide and 1 700 mm tall with a 3 350 mm long wheelbase.

Image: Lexus

Although wearing an eye-catching design, it’s the inner workings and proposed abilities that prop this concept to the forefront of the firm’s electric mobility aspirations. Lexus says it will feature a DIRECT4 al-wheel-drive system, a steer-by-wire system, a high-performance battery system affording the car a driving range double that of the conventional BEV, and a digital system that controls and functions dubbed, the “Butler”. Interestingly, the LF-ZC will rely on the Arene OS software, which is the digital backbone of Toyota’s FT-Se electric sports car concept.

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Image: Lexus

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