Litchfield Motors in the United Kingdom has started developing tuning packages for the new Toyota GR Yaris.

The first part under development for the GR Yaris is an exhaust system with catalyst-back and OPF removal options. Furthermore, an intake system is currently in the design stages which will accompany a larger intercooler, revised chassis bushes and a new suspension spring kit.

For the interior, a bolt-in cage and replacement seats with lowering options are coming.

What about extra performance for the turbocharged 1,6-litre, three-cylinder engine? Well, Litchfield says that it's working with Ecutek on remapping the car’s Denso-sourced ECU, which features a whole new protocol and needs substantial time spent reverse-engineering the code in order to gain access.

Until this is achieved, the firm has used a simple tuning box which allows a slight increase in boost pressure to achieve peak output of 225 kW (up from the standard UK-spec model's 192 kW).

Litchfield says its biggest challenge is the new suspension kit and handling setup. The tuning firm claims once the initial novelty of this car’s dynamic abilities begins to wear off, the driver becomes aware of the harsh ride, which over longer journeys can become tiresome. It also sits very high with large gaps in the arches.

Assisting the firm with the suspension is Nitron, which already produces some impressive kits for high-end sportscars and racing cars. For the GR Yaris, the suspension expert is producing a comprehensive three-way adjustable system, together with a more cost-effective two-way kit.

The initial target was to improve the ride quality without sacrificing dynamic ability. The firm states that simply adding a higher quality damper setup will start this process but it needs fine-tuning and time behind the wheel to make something special and worthy of the rest of the chassis.