Opel has revised its Mokka crossover and has decided to make use of an 'X' in the nametag just to clarify that it is now more roughed and capable. Opel has mentioned that thanks to its raised seating position and ground clearance the Mokka has been is most popular product in European markets. Opel wishes to carry on this momentum and give the Mokka even more edge by giving it an X level facelift which features a new look, infotainment system and engine range.

The new design is clearly noticeable as it brings it closer towards trends seen the Astra in an attempt to make it more stylish. The front also sports an LED daytime running light fixture. Not much has changed at the rear other than a new taillamp design. Opel claims that the redesign is to give the Mokka a lower and wider stance.

Inside we see that the infotainment and climate controls have been updated to a more modern system. It's fitted with an 8-inch IntelliLink system that ingrates with Apple and Android smart phones. The seats, steering wheel and door panels remain unchanged.

Engine options for the Mokka have changed and Opel has introduced a new six-speed automatic transmission with adaptable all-wheel drive. Two 1,6-litre diesel engines find their way into the range which deliver 81 kW and 100 kW of power. The 1,4-litre petrol engine's power output has also been increased to 112 kW.

Finally, the Mokka will make use of the new AFL LED headlamp system which adapts to different settings such as town, country, city and cornering. The LED also has an anti-glare system for oncoming drivers. An improved front facing camera also gives the Mokka an anti-collision warning, traffic sign assist and lane departure assists.

No word yet on when the Mokka X will be made available.