If there's one manufacturer we thought wouldn't being entering the performance car game anytime soon, it would be Tata Motors. But it seems we may have underestimated the Indian manufacturer.

Yes, Tata has announced that it will be revealing a mid-engined sportscar at Geneva next month.

The new sportscar, reportedly called the Futuro, will be built under the newly announced Tamo sub-brand, which Tata says will "act as an incubating centre of innovation towards new technologies, business models and partnerships in order to define future mobility solutions".

The Futuro teased in the image above will reportedly be the halo model for the brand and limited to just 250 units. Reports out of India suggest the Futuro will be priced at Rs 25 lakh (about R500 000) and will go on sale by mid-2018.

Autocar India says the Futuro will be powered by Tata's turbocharged 1,2-litre Revotron engine (currently found in the Tata Bolt), boosted to develop 134 kW. Although this figure may seem relatively meagre, the Futuro will apparently be quite lightweight, with a target kerb weight of 800 kg.

The automaker will reportedly use a mix of composite plastics and aluminium to achieve this target weight, with carbon-fibre and other high-end materials having been ruled out in order to cut costs.

Interestingly, there are rumours hinting that the chassis was designed by the one and only Marcello Gandini.