According to a certain California-based company, the 993 Porsche 911 may just have been the last “real” Porsche thanks to its air-cooled engine, short wheelbase and minimal electronics. And it’s for this reason that Gunther Werks has decided to base its 400R – limited to just 25 units – on this platform.

Gunther Werks believes its new creation is essentially a 911 GT3 RS for the 993 chassis. It's lighter than before thanks to the use of carbon-fibre composite body panels and makes use of Porsche's current suspension components in conjunction with a KW Clubsport coil-over spring and damper unit, complete with a hydraulic lift system. In addition, the front is some 30 mm wider than the standard 993 911.

Powering the Gunther Werks 400R is a 4,0-litre flat-six engine developed by Rothsport. This unit revs to 7 800 r/min and delivers close to 300 kW and 447 N.m of torque. Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a reworked Getrag G50 five-speed manual gearbox with a single-mass mid-weight flywheel and an uprated single-plate clutch. These changes are accompanied by a new differential as well.

Unlike the exterior, the interior bears no resemblance to the 993. Each of the 25 units will be fitted with a bespoke cabin created to the respective customer's specification. The bucket seats will be upholstered in a combination of leather and Alcantara (and can also be fitted with optional racing harnesses, too), while the door trim, dashboard, centre armrest and rear quarter panel make use of the same upholstery.

There are five billet aluminium gauges fitted to the cluster, including a tachometer that stretches all the way to 9 000 r/min and a 200 mph speedometer. To save weight, Gunther Werks has lined the front boot in carbon-fibre, throwing out both the carpeting and the space-saver spare wheel.

Purchasing one of the 25 units includes a stay at a private villa with a round-the-clock butler and access to a golf course the night before you take delivery of your car. On the day of delivery, owners will be provided with two "artisan-quality bespoke keys" placed in a wooden box along with a branded fountain pen courtesy of Conid Pens of Antwerp, Belgium.

So, how much? Well, Gunther Werks hasn’t officially announced pricing, but rumour has it the 400R will set you back a hefty $600 000 (about R7,85-million)…