Industry newcomer Naran Automotive has revealed its first product, a limited-run 781 kW "hyper-coupé" based on the BMW M8.

Named simply the "Naran", the custom creation adds a heap of power to the Bavarian’s powertrain, together with some drastic styling and serious revisions to the chassis. Just 49 units will be created.

Penned by Jowyn Wong (the man responsible for the Apollo IE and the De Tomaso P72), the Naran’s design is inspired by current GT3 racecars, though the vehicle retains its 2+2 seating configuration. Key design elements include of an elongated bonnet, a hefty rear wing, enlarged front intakes, a single-piece front splitter and a rear diffuser.

All of these parts have been fashioned from ultra-lightweight carbon-composite and are complemented by a set of 22-inch hybrid-carbon wheels and a side aero blade exposing the front wheel arch for cooling and aerodynamic efficiency. With these parts fitted, Naran Automotive says the newcomer achieves maximum downforce of 1 377 kg.

That will come in handy since the Naran employs a thoroughly upgrade version of the M8’s twin-turbocharged 4,4-litre V8, increasing its displacement to 5,0 litres and hiking peak outputs to 781 kW and 1 036 N.m of torque. This, says the firm, results in a 0-60 mph (0-97 km/h) sprint time of just 2,3 seconds and a top speed in excess of 370 km/h. The Naran retains the M8’s all-wheel-drive system but a rear-wheel-drive selector has been added for those who prefer a more challenging drive.

The Naran furthermore gains a race-derived double-wishbone suspension with adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, camber and toe angle. Damping is provided by a set of Ohlins four-way adjustable shock absorbers. Further revisions include the addition of a hydraulic steering system and carbon-ceramic brakes.