The collection of Vision GT cars for Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo series has been a revolutionary initiative, giving manufacturers a platform to create their dream projects in the digital world. Companies such as Bugatti, Hyundai and Mazda have all taken advantage of the platform to showcase the true potential of its design teams.

Porsche, however, has not taken part in the Vision GT project due to licensing issues. With Electronic Arts having exclusive licensing rights for the brand, virtually no other company in the gaming world has been able to insert Porsche models into its games. Turn 10 managed to work out an agreement with EA, but customers had to pay an additional amount to have access to the models.

The Porsche Vision GT cars you see here are therefore fan-made and will most likely never make it into the game. This design was penned by five automotive designers and one expert photo retoucher and was inspired by the 1969 Porsche 908 LH race car, while also including elements from the 918 Spyder, 919 Hybrid racecar and Mission E electric concept.

The one thing this concept doesn't have in common with the actual Vision GT models is that it is billed as a completely manual driving experience and doesn't make use of any futuristic technology. Judging by the images, it would be adapted for both the track and the road.