After months of waiting we finally have an official look at the new TVR Griffith and it's everything we pretty much expected it to be; a raw front-engined,  rear-wheel drive, V8-powered British sportscar with a rather bold design.

Partly developed by Gordon Murray, the new Griffith features a hefty 5,0-litre V8 developed by Cosworth to develop 373 kW to the rear through a Tremec six-speed manual gearbox. The drivetrain also boasts a custom clutch, flywheel and ECU system. ABS and ESP are also standard fit.

The design itself has placed aerodynamic stability and safety as the focal point. Gordon Murray Design's iStream development process has allowed for a lightweight and rigid chassis that makes use of carbon fibre composite. The new structure is capable of withstanding 20 000 N.m of rigidity per degree.

For increased safety, in the event of a collision, the body is designed to direct force to the tyres. The lightweight construction also provides the Griffith with a power-to-weight ratio of 298 kW per tonne. Furthermore, the nifty set of side exhausts allow for a flat-floor configuration which enhances the Griffith's downforce by channeling the airflow along the underside of the vehicle.

500 Launch Editions (depicted here) will kick off the new TVR's production. These will be sold for £90 000 (R1,52 million) a pop.